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                        GMS “PASTA”

PASTA?? You mean like noodles? Well, not exactly… It’s actually an acronym for Parent-Administration-Student-Teacher-Association. However, just as there are many different varieties of pasta, each of us have different talents and abilities we can use to volunteer. The mission of the GMA PASTA is to bring together all of those involved with the education of our students. We believe to maximize the potential of every child, it takes many people being willing to get involved. Some of our goals are:

***To develop a close relationship between school and home by encouraging and organizing parental and volunteer involvement

***To be aware of the needs of our students, their families, our school and the community, and to be of assistance with these needs whenever possible

***To encourage community-wide participation in school activities and events, and to plan community outreach events that will enable all of us to become the best we can be

To accomplish these goals, we need lots of people power. Everyone is welcome! Join our Facebook group to keep up with needs, meetings and activities. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Heather at (937)403-8011. Thanks in advance for your support!