Greenfield Exempted Village Schools
200 N. 5th Street
Greenfield, OH 45123
Superintendent's Message
As superintendent of Greenfield Exempted Village School District, I want to thank you for your continued interest and support toward Greenfield Schools. We strive to inspire and guide each student to his/her maximum potential in a safe, positive learning environment.

Greenfield Schools earned many successes during the 2011-2012 school year. Preliminary academic results, reported by the Ohio Department of Education indicate another year of academic success. Our district received an “Effective Rating”, increased the number of standards met over the previous year and increased our Performance index from 92 to 94.5. We congratulate our students, staff and parents for their focus on learning, hard work and supporting what we believe to be a strong educational program which continues to strengthen each year.

Many changes are coming to public education in Ohio. By the conclusion of the 2014-2015 school year there will be new learning standards, “Common Core”, at every grade level. These standards are challenging and reflect real world application. The standards will go from minimal competency to college and career ready. In a nutshell, the Common Core State Standards provide fewer standards at each grade level and increase the depth of knowledge required.

Ohio is also moving forward with a new system of on-line testing that will provide opportunities that are not available with the current paper-and-pencil tests. Through on-line testing and the resulting real time feedback on student performance, classroom instruction can become much more personalized. Teachers will not have to wait 60 days for test results to help students. Initially, we can expect passage rates on these new assessments to be likely lower. 

We have put into place a program to support the transition to the new standards and to help insure the academic success of our students. We encourage you to become involved in school programs and activities to improve student achievement. Thank you for your continued interest, commitment and dedication to the youth of our community as we strive to enhance the quality education for each of our students.

Warmest Regards and “Go Tigers”

Joe Wills
Superintendent Greenfield Exempted Village Schools