This Year's Foreign Exchange Students!

Dehecq travels from Paris to spend school year at MHS

By Sarah Free, MHS Journalism Student

McClain High School’s new foreign exchange student Theo Dehecq, from Paris, France, recently answered a few questions about himself:

Q. Do you like Greenfield? 
A. Yes , (it’s a) good little city with kind people, and a cool welcoming. Everybody knows each other well which is great. A lot of positive energy and good vibes in Greenfield. 

Q. Who are you living with?
A. The Lesters

Q. What are your hobbies at school and after school?
A. I really like training and doing sports. I play basketball, soccer, I tried football, and I enjoy working out. At home I play guitar and video games with my host brother, friends or family.

Q. What are your parents like?
A. They enjoy eating and watching television; they enjoy scary movies, but I don’t. 

Q. Do you have siblings?
A. I have two older brothers, one is studying in Canada and the other one (studies at) a medicine university in Paris.

Q. What is your favorite subject?
A. Basketball, haha, web design

Dehecq is one of two exchange students at McClain for the 2018-19 school year. 

The journalism class would like to welcome Dehecq and wish him the best school year possible.
Spain's Oliva is one of two MHS exchange students

By Madison Binegar, MHS Journalism Student

Each year several exchange students choose Greenfield, as their temporary home. Wilson Alejandro Oliva is one of the two exchange students walking the halls of McClain High School this school year. 

Oliva, who is here for 10 months on a scholarship from Spain, said only 500 students from his country got chosen to go to the United States or Canada. He chose the United States, but had no clue he’d end up in Greenfield. 

Oliva is able to call his family members every Saturday, and he enjoys telling them about his time here. 

“I really missed my friends, and I was starving because we eat five meals in Spain and here we only eat three," Oliva said about his first week here. He said he really enjoys staying with his host family, the Campbells.

Oliva is fluent in Spanish and has been speaking English since he was 6-7 years old. He says that speaking Spanish is hard around here because everyone speaks English. In Spain, he also studies the French language.  

As far as hobbies, Oliva says he plays handball in Spain because he isn’t good at soccer. He and his friends like to meet up and go to movies, go to the park, and downtown. He likes the show America’s got Talent, and reading books. 

At McClain, Oliva is in the T.V. and Radio class because he enjoys working with the media. He joined the McClain band and is learning how to play the trombone, and he runs cross country. 

Macaroni and cheese, American BBQ, and salads with olive oil rank as Oliva's favorite foods. 

The journalism class at McClain would like to welcome Oliva (shown below during Spirit Week) and wish him the best school year possible.