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McClain Gets New Scoreboard!

Greenfield McClain had a new scoreboard installed recently this school year. The new scoreboard was agreed upon by McClain High School principal Jason Potts, Superintendent Joe Wills, and the school board.

MHS Athletic Director Trevor Arnett thanked Daktronics for making and designing the scoreboard, which has new improvements compared with the old one.

Those improvements include a new sound system, brighter lights, a larger size, and simplified controls. Both sides of the board have been taken out by two feet. The previous scoreboard sound system had went out and the lights weren’t bright and had to be replaced every so often. The reason behind the scoreboard needing repairs is it’s lifespan. Arnett said the average lifespan for outdoor scoreboards is about 10 years, and McClain’s was four years overdue.

The new scoreboard was much needed so Potts, Wills and the school board are currently conversing with multiple companies about sponsorship.

Pictured below is the new scoreboard.
Pic of new scoreboard
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