New Attendance Policy

State of Ohio legislators recently passed a new attendance policy that affects all students for the 2017-18 school year.

On Jan. 4, Ohio House Bill 410 was passed, and with this new policy, school absences will be counted by hours instead of days. This means that students will be considered “habitually truant” or “excessively absent” after missing a certain number of hours.

For instance, one example says that a student is “excessively absent” after missing 65 hours (10 days) in one school year, with or without a legitimate excuse.

Intervention strategies will be used after a student reaches set numbers of missed hours.

Also, with the new policy in place, districts are no longer allowed to suspend, expel or remove any students due to absences.

For more specific examples of what is considered “habitually truant” and “excessively absent,” see the attached letter from Greenfield Superintendent Joe Wills.