High school book club begins

Ms. Audrey Swann’s English classes will be participating in a Book Club during the last nine weeks of school. Students were given options for books, which included Wonder, Monster, Between Shades of Grey, If I Stay, We Were Here, The Living, The Hunted, and Frankenstein.

“I think it’s important for students to be excited about what they read,” Swann said. “I wanted to bring in a variety of different books to choose from for this last nine weeks of school.”  

Swann asked students to rank the books 1-8, one being the one they wanted to read the most and eight being the one they wanted to read the least. Swann said she’s going to attempt to match students with a book from their top three choices. Fun projects and activities are going to take place during the Book Club including small-group discussions and journal writing. As a finale, students will make a movie trailer for their book and students will get to watch each other’s trailers during the last week of school. 

~ By Shaylee Bell, MHS Journalism Student