McClain Quick Recall Team competes in national tournament


Shown are McClain’s varsity quick recall members (l-r) Brenton Louk, Cody Lane, Griffin Foltz, Garett Cunningham, and Sam Colburn. 



McClain’s Quick Recall Team traveled to Rosemont, Ill. last weekend to compete in the Small School National Championship Tournament. After finishing the preliminary round on Saturday 6-4, the team advanced to the playoff round on Sunday, ultimately ending 8-6 and tied for 15th place out of 96 teams from across the country. The two teams that the Tigers lost to on Sunday ended up placing first and fifth overall.?

Sophomore Cody Lane ended the tournament as the 57th ranked individual out of the 528 students who participated in the public school division.

The quick recall team includes varsity members Sam Colburn, Garett Cunningham, Griffin Foltz, Cody Lane, and Brenton Louk; JV members Owen Beatty, Zane Bode, Nick Cunningham, Blake Gall, Harrison Gallaugher, Isabella Haines, Olivia Haines, and Jenna Lawson; and adviser Rachel Poynter.

The team had a very successful year, with varsity finishing the season with a record of 12-2 as Frontier Athletic League champions. Varsity finished third at the league tournament and tied for first at a "trash" (pop culture) tournament earlier in the year. JV finished the season tied for third in the league with a record of 9-5.

Individually, three of the five varsity team members were in the top 10 in the league in varsity scoring. Garett Cunningham finished as the fifth-highest varsity scorer in the league. Cody Lane was the seventh-highest varsity scorer, and Griffin Foltz was the ninth-highest varsity scorer.

“I'm very proud of both teams' performances this year,” Poynter said. “This is the second year in a row varsity has been league champions and the second time they've qualified for the national tournament as well.”