'Student Caught Doing The Right Thing' Award

At McClain High School, there are many students doing great things. Recently, a few students caught the attention of teachers by going above and beyond when it comes to doing the right thing. Teachers and students decided to recognize these students once a quarter, and administrators decided to award a $25 McDonald’s gift card to the student with the most nominations (or votes if there’s a tie.

McClain junior Levi Mathews is the 2018-19 third-quarter winner of the “Student Caught Doing the Right Thing” award. Mathews is in a very different place and mindset this school year than he has been in the past. Mathews self admittedly made poor choices and found himself involved with drugs and in criminal trouble. But, he says, he soon made the decision to turn his life around.

The changes Mathews made have not gone unnoticed, and his teachers recently nominated him for this special award.

“Man, he has had a complete turn around since last year,” one of his teachers said. “His respect towards teachers has been outstanding. His effort in his class work has also been much improved. He recently went on a field trip … and helped young children better understand energy.”

When asked how and why he turned his life around, Mathews said, “Well I turned it around because I was on drugs and they’re really not worth it.”

Mathews said that his family has helped him the most. “Mostly my family helped. They got me in a better environment than what I was in,” he said.

As for other students who may be struggling with the same challenges he once struggled with, Mathews said, “If you’re doing drugs it’s really not worth it. Go get help or ask someone for help. You choose who you want to be around - choose good supporters.”

There were several other students recognized by teachers for doing the right thing:

 Payton Vloss did the right thing when she voluntarily helped the band’s loading crew because two members could not be there. She also helps around in the band office when needed. 

Brooke Bennett does the right thing nearly every day as she helps others and helps lift those that are down. 

Zane Mustard did the right thing by purchasing another student’s meal who could not afford it. Mustard did not ask for anything in return, just helped a person in need.

Noel Brooks did the right thing by going back and pushing in another student’s chair without being asked to. 

Aaron Gall does the right thing nearly every day. Gall comes in early every morning to first period and takes down the chairs for his classmates. 

Christopher Casterline did the right thing by going above and beyond for the junior prom fundraiser. He sold over five times the required amount of candy bars and continues to sell to raise funds for the entire junior class.
Student pictures are in order of their mentions in the article.