State Power-Lifting Meet

 By Gabe Martinez, MHS Journalism Student
The McClain power-lifting team traveled to Kenton, Ohio for the state power-lifting meet. The total weight for the team was 8,585 lbs between 11 students with 7 of the total members placing in state. 
The rankings for members who made it to state are shown below:
Cameron Snavely placed 12th in the 125 lbs class
Coloton Mossbarger placed 8th in the 155 lbs class
Teagan White placed 7th in the 155 lbs class
 Landon Gilbert placed 6th in the 175 lbs class
Gabe Martinez placed 9th in the 195 lbs class
Justin Kegley placed 9th in the 210 lbs class
Dryden Brown placed 8th in the 250 lbs class
Coach Garrett Blair stated that he is "proud of all the boys" and that he :hopes we can do this again in the future of McClain"