Meet The High School Staff

Compiled by Hailie Kimmey, Dante McMurry, Abby Mossbarger, Colton Mossbarger and Hannah Wenker

McClain Journalism Students

Meet the MHS office/administration staff

The office/administration staff at McClain High School works hard for the students and staff on a daily basis. The staff includes: principal Jason Potts, assistant principal Dr. Ted Ely, and secretaries Michele Jett, Carrie Peyton, and Elizabeth (Libby) Pitzer.


Potts is principal of McClain and has been a part of McClain for nine years (four years as the assistant principal and five years as the high school principal). Potts is a graduate of East Clinton High School and still holds the East Clinton discus record that was set a “long, long, long time ago.” He has been in education for 14 years and completed his undergraduate studies at Wilmington College, masters studies at Ohio Dominican, and principal’s studies at Antioch. Potts has many duties as principal of McClain and says he enjoys working here. “I think McClain High School is an extraordinary place to work due to the amazing students, supportive community and tremendous history,” he said. Potts has three children, Wesley, 14; Andrew, 12; and Aubree, 4. He enjoys watching his children compete in their various sports activities and he loves the outdoors (mostly hunting.)  


Dr. Ted Ely is assistant principal of McClain. He has worked at McClain High School for 19 years, but has been in education for 44 years. Ely, a graduate of Ohio University, takes care of discipline and many other things. He has three children: Ry is 34, Shawn is 26, and Makayla is 18. A few of his hobbies are coin collecting, music, real estate acquisition and anti-development. Fun facts about Dr. Ely is that he was in a rock n roll band for more than 20 years and he enjoys hunting big game and fishing.


Michelle Jett is a principal secretary at McClain High School where she has worked for 10 years. This is the first position that she has held in an educational institute after receiving her associate degree in secretarial science. She graduated from McClain and went to college at Ohio University in Chillicothe. The duties that Jett fulfills include typing up the daily announcements, student work permits, requisitions, typing suspension letters and much more. She has one child, Jenna Jett. In her free time she likes to go for walks, go shopping and many other things. She states that she loves McClain High

School and its traditions. She also says it’s a beautiful school, and that she is very proud to call Edward Lee McClain High School her alma mater. A few interesting details about Jett are that she loves to watch reality shows about police officers solving mysteries (Live PD, Cops, 48 Hours).


Carrie Payton is the secretary of McClain High School. She has worked at McClain for 16 years, and she graduated from Miami Trace High School. As a secretary, she has many responsibilities such as, welcoming students and parents, answering phones, filing, signing-in/signing-out students, typing up the absent list, entering absences and absent notes into the system, totaling up hours for absences, making copies, keeping track of disciplinary actions, calling students down for truancy, mailing detention forms and attendance letters for teachers, generating students’ progress book accounts, taking care of student invoices, taking money for students fees and making deposits to the central office, tracking the visitor sign-in sheet, and writing out bus passes. Asked about her opinion of McClain High School, Payton said, “For not graduating from McClain H.S., but being a part of it now, I have seen history and pride associated with the school and community.” Outside of school, Carrie has two boys, Alex and Mace. She enjoys swimming, decorating her home, gardening, and is a party planner. Lastly, Carrie shared her interesting ancestry DNA results which show she is 29 percent Irish, 23 percent British, 23 percent Scandinavian, and 10 percent Western European.


Elizabeth (Libby) Pitzer is a guidance secretary at McClain, where she’s been working for 10 ½ years. Her jobs at the school consist of mainly working with the guidance department, working with students, and entering student data into the state system. Pitzer, a graduate of Miami Trace High School, says McClain has “a very beautiful campus.” Aside from school, she has three children, Tristan, Chayden, and Jaelyn. She enjoys going on vacations, watching her kids play sports, golfing, shopping, and sharing family time. An interesting fact about Mrs. Pitzer is she was born with a hole in her heart.