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Welcome to Greenfield Elementary, the
“World’s Greatest School”, and the home of the mighty Tiger Cubs. We are a wonderful school of approximately 500 students in preschool through fifth grade. Nestled in beautiful Highland County, the city of Greenfield has often been compared to Mayberry, home of Sheriff Taylor and Aunt Bea! 

We believe we simply have the best kids and teachers! Greenfield Elementary teachers are all certified and deemed “highly qualified” by the ODE. Our teachers spend generous amounts of time and effort preparing for the students… that we love! 

 Our school is guided by the following mission and beliefs:


 Our Mission is to nurture and develop positive self-esteem, self-discipline, and responsible citizenship in all students so they will attain their highest academic potential. We will modify instructional strategies and incorporate community resources to help meet individual student needs. As educators, we will create a positive school environment that promotes parental involvement to foster a love of lifelong learning.




 1. Every child can learn when parents and the educational community work together to address individual needs according to his/her potential.

 2. High expectations are set for our students, and we encourage all students to set goals to reach his/her fullest academic potential.

 3. We create a positive learning environment where all students can learn.

 4. We nurture and help develop self-esteem in our students.

 5. Parents play an important role in their child’s development and we must promote their involvement.

 6. Everyone must be treated with honesty, dignity, and respect.

 7. Communication with parents and the community is essential for effective learning.

 8. We must nurture, promote, encourage, and instill in each child to accept responsibility for his/her own actions, both academically and behaviorally.



G reenfield Elementary School

E ducates and prepares

S tudents to be productive citizens

Come and visit Greenfield Elementary School, anytime! We welcome parents and community members to come in and see for themselves theWonderful World of Greenfield Elementary School!”

With regards,

Bob Schumm, M.Ed., Principal