COVID-19 Closure: Home Learning

Home Learning Plan

During the mandatory school closure, students of Greenfield Exempted Village School District will transition from in-class learning to learning at home. Teachers have worked diligently to create instructional work packets for students to complete while at home. If parents or students have questions about the work provided, teachers may be reached by email at any time. Email addresses for all staff members are: [email protected] Teachers may also be reached by calling the school and leaving a voicemail at their extension. A list of extensions may be found on the district website under the staff tab, or by calling the building your student attends. 

Student Learning Expectations:

  • Paper packets of work to complete at home will be distributed on March 19 and 20, 2020 at off-campus locations. Supplies will be offered at the distribution sites on a first come, first serve basis. The packet of work consists of activities that review skills and concepts already learned this school year. 

  • Packets of work are available for download by clicking hereWe encourage all who are able to print packets of work at home to do so rather than coming to a distribution site. Students with an IEP must pick their individualized packets of work up from the distribution site, rather than downloading from the website.

  • Packets of work will be provided by each classroom teacher. Students who have multiple class periods, will receive a packet of work from each class period’s teacher.

  • To keep skills and concepts fresh in students’ minds, please set time aside every Monday - Friday for students to complete the packet of work. Completing all work in one or two days will not benefit the students’ retention of skills. 

  • All students are strongly encouraged to read self-selected reading material at least 30 minutes per day.

  • Completed work must be turned into each classroom teacher on April 6, 2020.

Instructional Work Distribution:

  • Packets of work may either be downloaded by clicking here or picked up in-person on Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20. Pick-up time is from 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Locations for picking up packets of work are as follows:

    • Buckskin Elementary - South Salem Methodist Church

    • Greenfield Elementary - Greenfield Church of Christ

    • Rainsboro Elementary - Rainsboro Methodist Church

    • Greenfield Middle School - Greenfield Area Christian Center/New Directions

    • McClain High School - Greenfield Area Christian Center/New Directions 

Laurel Oaks and Part-full time CCP Students:

  • Students who attend Laurel Oaks must follow guidance provided by Laurel Oaks.

  • Students receiving educational services from local colleges must follow directions from the college they are attending. 

Special Programs:

  • Students who receive services in accordance with their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 will receive accommodations or modified work as required in the student’s IEP or 504. 

  • Special Programs will continue to hold meetings with parents concerning the review of their student’s IEP or 504 if the annual review date falls between March 17 and April 3, 2020. Parents will be contacted by Special Programs to schedule a meeting date and time if a meeting is required. Meetings will take place by phone conference, not in-person.

  • Students who receive speech and/or occupational therapy services will receive a paper packet of work when picking up work from the classroom teacher. 

Free Online Learning Opportunities

Students are encouraged to practice skills they have learned this year during the school closure. Below are free online learning opportunities available to any student. 
ABC Mouse -  Parents can go to this website and enter the code SCHOOL6225 to gain free access to learning activities for ages 3-8 in all content areas.
ABCYa - tons of learning games including sight word practice, math fact fluency, and so much more 
ACT Academy - practice questions for the ACT 
Adventure Academy - activities for ages 8 - 12, use code SCHOOL6225 to gain free access
Alexa, Help me Learn! - play 20 different learning games with your Alexa device 
Art for Kids Hub - learn how to draw and color hundreds of favorite characters, objects, and more 
Brain Pop Jr. - watch videos, take quizzes, and play games about math, science, social studies, health, and more  
Chomp, Chomp -  Another great tool for daily grammar practice!
Cosmic Kids Yoga - get moving with some yoga! 
Directed Drawing -  watch videos to learn how to draw animals, people, and more! 
Edgenuity - McClain High School students use your login information to practice ELA and math skills
Educational Resources - links to educational resource sites 
Enrichment - links for creativity, critical thinking, engineering and so much more! 
Epic! - read and listen to your favorite books in digital form
FactMonster  - practice math facts with digital flashcards and games
Free Online Activities - comprehensive list of free online activities 
Fun Brain - play games to practice reading and math skills
GoNoodle - dance, stretch and get exercise with one of students' favorite characters  
Highlights Kids - read, play games, and conduct virtual science experiments 
History for Kids - learn all about historical events 
Indoor Activities for Kids - lots of activity ideas for kids to play indoors 
IXL  -  practice ELA and math skills 
Khan Academy - need extra help or practice in math, science, or other contents? Khan Academy provides videos and tutorials 
Lexia - practice literacy skills, middle school students must have an account from Success Period to login
Literacy Devices -  This is a great resource for literary devices. Students can select the literary device that they would like to learn about. This resource explains the concept and gives examples.
Math Fact Cafe - practice math facts 
Mystery Science - learn all about science mysteries from one of the most popular science websites for grades K-5 
Nat Geo for Kids - read and watch videos to learn all about animals and geography 
NewsELA - student friendly articles about any topic, students may use their Greenfield account to create a free account
Ohio History - learn all about the great state of Ohio 
Online Activities - list of websites and online activities
Quill -  Great tool for daily grammar practice. Students will take a diagnostic test and then be given activities that match their current level.
Scholastic Learn at Home - 20 days worth of learning activities for grades PreK - 12 
Starfall - literacy and math games for grades PreK - 3 
Storyline Online - listen to favorite children's books being read by movie stars 
Switcheroo Zoo - watch, listen, and play games to learn all about amazing animals 
The Great Gatsby - all juniors will need this link to complete their English work 
Virtual Field Trips - explore the world from your home by clicking on any field trip link 
Vooks - 1 month free trial, popular children books in digital form 
XtraMath - email [email protected] to receive login information for fact fluency practice for ANY age 
Fluency and Fitness - practice math facts while exercising

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