Curriculum and Instruction

District Initiatives

Greenfield Exempted Village Schools believes in educating the whole child. Our dedicated staff works daily to personalize learning through evidence-based instructional strategies and differentiation, while remaining focused on mastery of grade-level standards. Curriculum maps are utilized by teachers to ensure all of Ohio's Learning Standards are taught in each grade and content area. Currently teachers are working toward identifying and implementing power standards. Power standards are the standards specific to each grade that should be mastered by all students. 

Ohio Improvement Process

Our district diligently works to improve classroom instruction through the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP). The District Leadership Team (DLT) meets monthly to review district data, assess progress toward meeting our district goals, and provide support to Building Leadership Teams (BLT). Each building has a BLT that also meets monthly to analyze data and monitor the implementation of district and building initiatives. Supported by the BLT, Teacher Based Teams (TBT) meet weekly to review student data and collaborate in refining research-based strategies through the 5-Step Process. We believe strongly in the power of teams and work to support each other through communication and collaboration. By staying focused on our district's goals, our students will continue to grow toward academic achievement. 

District and State Testing

NWEA MAP Growth assessments are given to students in grades kindergarten through eleven three times a year. This data is used to monitor the academic progress of all students. Teachers use the data to provide tailored instruction based on student's instructional needs. 
Beginning in third grade, students take Ohio's State Tests created by American Institutes for Research (AIR). These assessments measure the proficiency of students toward mastery of grade level standards. Results are used by the Ohio Department of Education to determine the district and building state report card grades. Administrators and teachers analyze results to plan instruction for all students based on individual results. Click here to view the testing schedule for the 2020 - 2021 school year.
Ohio's State Tests, Grades 3 - 8
Grade 3: ELA and Math
Grade 4: ELA and Math
Grade 5: ELA, Math, Science
Grade 6: ELA, Math
Grade 7: ELA, Math 
Grade 8: ELA, Math, Science
Ohio's State Tests, High School End of Course
End of Course exams (EOCs) are taken by high school students upon completion of the following courses: ELA 2, Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology, American History and American Government.