District Profile

Greenfield Exempted Village Schools is located in the rolling hills of Greenfield in southern Ohio. Comprised of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, our school district serves approximately 1,900 students from portions of Fayette, Highland, and Ross counties. 

The staff members of each school believe in educating the whole child. While enrolled at Greenfield Exempted Village Schools, students are provided a safe learning environment in which they are challenged to reach academic success in all content areas. 

Students and staff members actively participate in extracurricular activities through many different sports, academic teams, clubs, theater, Lego League, Robotics, FFA, Student Council, and National Honor Society. The community members of the district take great pride and show superior support to the students and staff of our district schools. 

Rich in history and tradition, the Edward Lee McClain High School was donated to the town of Greenfield by innovator Edward Lee McClain in 1915. The Edward Lee McClain High School is well known for the marble staircase at the entrance of the building, as well as the beautiful sculptures, paintings and murals that adorn every hall. The high school was also the first school in Ohio to have an indoor swimming pool. Now, in the 21st century, the high school is the first school in the district to implement a successful 1:1 technology initiative. 

The District Leadership Team, Building Leadership Teams, and Teacher Based Teams provide a collaborative framework for all teachers to continually improve upon their teaching practices. With a goal of continuous improvement, teachers and staff members work collectively to assess students' knowledge and plan instruction that will guide them toward academic achievement. Through working together as a community, our district believes we will not only increase student achievement, but will produce responsible citizens who are prepared for college and their future careers. 

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