Mrs. Eikenberry

"Many a book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one's own self."                     Franz Kafka
We use RATS to help with short answer questions.  
R-  Restate
A-  Answer the question
T-  Text evidence
S-  Sum it up 
Ask your child these questions about RATS:
How do you restate? What happens if you forget to restate? What is text evidence? How many pieces of text evidence should you use? What happens if you forget the S and only use RAT? 
Don't forget the 30 book requirement!!  
These expectations can be found in the reader's notebook section of your spiral.
These are objectives that I count on EVERY assignment. We will be adding to the list throughout the year.

I can use correct capitalization in my writing.

I can use correct punctuation in my writing.

I can indent my paragraphs in my writing.

I can write 5 sentence paragraphs using TSC.

I can write 5 sentence paragraphs using RATS.

I will not start a sentence with BUT, AND or BECAUSE.


JOIN THE TEXTING CLUB!!!                                                    Students and parents can join the texting club!

All you need to do is send the text message to the number listed below. You will begin receiving text reminders about upcoming deadlines and events. You cannot text back…but you will be in the know about IMPORTANT NEWS.

1st-2nd  period: text @eik1-2 to 541-612-3008

3rd-4th period: text @eik3-4 to 541-612-3008

5th-8th period: text @eik5-8 to 541-612-3008


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