National Honor Society

National Honor Society Members 2020-2021

Mallory Faulconer -- President

Camden Closson

Taylor Harper

Brianna Weller -- Vice President

Caleb Cook

Hannah Knisley

Delaney Hutchinson -- Secretary

Josie Crabtree

Richie Lester

Kerigan Pollard -- Treasurer

Maddy Crawford

Camryn McCoy

Blake Adams

Nick Cunningham

Nathanael Newkirk

Brooke Beatty

Mikayla Detty

Haley Null

Makayla Bennett

Maysun Faulconer

Kyndall Penwell

Kyla Burchett

Fiona Gilbert

Jaelyn Pitzer

Alex Roberts

 Alex Snyder

 Brianna VanDyke

Alex Snyder

 Emma Stegbauer

 Brogen Villars

Jaedyn Watson

 Raegen White

Selection Process for the National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a national organization that exists to recognize outstanding students who have demonstrated excellence in four distinct areas.  Those areas are:

1.   Scholarship

2.   Leadership

3.   Service

4.   Character


In order to be selected into the McClain Chapter of the National Honor Society, students must demonstrate strength in each area.  Students demonstrate strength according to the following criteria.


Scholarship:  Candidates must have spent at least one semester in the school and be members of the Junior or Senior class.  Candidates eligible for election to the Chapter must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5, based on a 4.0 scale.  Students must also have taken or be currently enrolled in at least 8 college prep/honor courses.  All students who meet these requirements may apply for admission to the Chapter. The candidates are then considered on their leadership, service, and character.

Leadership: Candidates will be judged on the following:

a)  Takes constructive lead in classroom, homeroom, and school activities.

b)  Promotes worthy and proper school activities.

c)   Successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility.

d)  Shows initiative in his/her studies.

Service:  Candidates will be judged on the following:

a)  Puts service to others above self-interest.  Gives time, effort, talents not for personal gain but for the class, school or community as a whole.

b)  Performs committee or staff work.

c)   Shows courtesy to teachers, other students, and visitors.

d)  Represents the school in various types of competition.

e)  Renders service through the school to the community.

Character:  Candidates will be judged on the following:

a)  Meets promptly individual pledges and responsibilities to the school and teachers.

b)  Demonstrates highest standards of attitude toward honesty, reliability, fairness, and tolerance.

c)   Cooperates in a willing spirit with school regulations concerning property, books, attendance, halls, lockers, etc.  Actively supports positive attitudes and behaviors in school and at school events.

d)  Upholds principles of morality and ethics.



The selection process for the McClain chapter of the National Honor Society was determined by the Faculty Council of McClain High School, in accordance with the guidelines set by the National Honor Society national organization.


The selection process is as follows:

1. Students may be considered for induction into the McClain chapter of the National during their junior and/or senior years.  Because Laurel Oaks has its own chapter, Laurel Oaks students are not eligible for the McClain Chapter.

2. Students are eligible for consideration if they do both of the following:

a. Hold a 3.5 cumulative GPA after the 1st semester of their junior year. 

b. Have taken or are currently enrolled in 8 college prep/honor courses.

3. Junior and Senior students will be notified by the chapter advisor if they are eligible for consideration into the National Honor Society by letter shortly after the end of the 1st semester.

4. Students who wish to pursue membership must then complete an application which will detail all activities, in and out of school, in which the student has participated during his/her high school years.  The application must be completed and submitted by the date established by the advisor.  Late applications will not be accepted.

5. The chapter advisor will then compile a checklist for each eligible student which highlights the students’ activities and leadership positions held during high school.  All high school faculty will be asked to score each student in the areas of leadership, character, and service.  Each teacher may also give comments if he/she feels strongly about a particular candidate.  Voting by faculty may not be anonymous; however, no one besides the faculty council will be permitted to see the voting sheets.

6.  Students should be rated by at least 6 teachers in order to be considered by the faculty council.

7. Candidates are rated on the basis of personal contact with faculty in the classroom, in extra-curricular activities, and through general activities in the school and community.

8.  The point system and its description to be used are as follows:

4 points:  exceptional, creative, unusual

3 points:  receptive, constructive, productive

2 points:  cooperative, but passive

1 point:  non-productive

0 points:  negative

X to be used when the teacher does not know the candidate well enough to vote

9. The faculty council will meet to total and average the scores of each candidate.  The faculty council has suggested that an average of 3.2 is the lowest possible cumulative score a student can receive to be considered for membership in the local chapter.

10. After tabulation of the scores, the faculty council will meet to vote on all candidates, using the faculty scores as supplemental information.  The final decision on all candidates will be made by a majority vote by the faculty council.

11. New inductees will be notified of acceptance into the Chapter as they are tapped by current members of the National Honor Society.  Inductees will be inducted into the McClain Chapter of the NHS in a formal induction ceremony.


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