PAWS Bucks Reward System

Let's build good character by building better students at Greenfield Elementary! 
The PAWS Bucks Reward System is designed to increase students' positive behavior and utilize positive reinforcement. Teachers will organize what they already do with rewarding students in a positive way. Daily teaching, discussions, and reflections with our students will help to promote virtuous students. Students need to know what each piece of PAWS means and some examples of each piece. 
During daily teaching, discussions, and reflections, teachers can create anchor charts with students to help them understand good character. Teachers use vocabular during these reflections and tell students what we expect at Greenfield Elementary. As students are being taught to be PAWSitive, they will be rewarded by showing PAWSitive behavior using PAWS Bucks. These bucks will be given out to teachers as needed. Students will write his/her name on the PAWS Buck and have his/her teacher initial it. PAWS Bucks will be used to spend on rewards throughout the year. 
Students can keep their bucks in a Ziploc bag, labeled with his/her name in his or her desk, binder or notebook. Each teacher may find his/her own way to organize them. Every student is responsible for keeping up with his/her own PAWS Bucks. 
Weekly, monthly, and semester prizes will be given to students through this reward system. Students will have the opportunity to "spend" PAWS Bucks as they are earned. A PAWS store will come to each classroom every week. Students may purchase items using their PAWS Bucks or continue saving them for bigger prizes. Teacher Choice Awards may be given at the teacher's discretion. Teachers may also create their own rewards for "cashing in" within their own classroom.  

PAWS Pledge


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Examples of Rewards

1 Tiger Paw

  • Expected Behavior

5 Tiger Paws

  • Above and Beyond Expected Behavior
  • Meeting Goals
  • Reciting Pledge After Kick-Off

10 Tiger Paws

  • Reciting Pledge Before Kick-Off
  • Outstanding Attendance
  • Meeting Standards in All Areas (Grades K-2) 
  • A/B Honor Roll (Grades 3-5) 

20 Tiger Paws

  • Perfect Attendance
  • Exceeding Standards in All Areas (Grades K-2) 
  • All A Honor Roll  (Grades 3-5)

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