Tech Help Desk

Tech Helpdesk

Tech helpdesk handles most technology issues throughout the high school, such as broken chromebooks, printers, laptops, and more. Tech helpdesk also manages the school website. During 1st period, you can find the tech helpdesk class in Mr. Luke' room, number 221.
Broken Chromebooks
Students should take any broken chromebooks to the ISR room. There, the ISR teacher will enter the chromebook into our system. Unless you turn in the chromebook at the start of school, we won't receive your chromebook until the next school day. For most problems, we take one day to fix chromebooks, then they will be returned after 1st period to the ISR teacher.
We will not fix a chromebook that doesn't have a case with it. 
View our full Chromebook Policy here:  McClain 1:1 Policy (2018-2019)
Chromebook Repair Policy: 


With insurance, 1st and 2nd Accidental Damage

  • Replacing Screen: $0
  • Replacing malfunctioning keyboard/touchpad: $0
  • Replacing Missing Keys: $0 
  • Total Chromebook replacement: $0
  • Replacing Case: $0
  • Other parts not listed: $0

3rd Incident w/ insurnace, or incident w/out insurance

  • Replacing Screen: $75
  • Replacing malfunctioned or missing keys/keyboard/touchpad: $85
  • Total Chromebook Replacement: $200
  • Replacing Case: $25
  • Other Parst Unlisted: cost of part

Malicious Damage:

  • Replacing Screen: $75
  • Total Chromebook Replacement: $225
  • Replacing Keys/Keyboard/Touchpad: $105