Title I

Dear Parents,

We have been awarded our Title 1 funds for 2021-22.  The district is able to provide a Title 1 School-wide program because at least 50 percent of our enrolled students are low income and eligible for free and reduced price meals on the National School Lunch Program.
The district developed a plan to restructure the total instructional program in consultation with the local educational agency and school support team. A School-wide program upgrades the entire instructional program in the school to enable all children, particularly the lowest achieving students, to reach the state’s standards for reading/language arts and mathematics. A School-wide program must implement the 10 components required by the No Child Left Behind Act.
While Targeted Assistance and School-wide Title 1 programs are very different, both delivery systems are funded by Title 1. Targeted Assistance buildings serve only the children who are eligible for services through an academic multi-criteria selection process that would indicate students at-risk in reading and math. School-wide programs use the 10 School-wide components to provide an enriched and accelerated learning experience necessary for all children in the building, particularly the lowest achieving children.
The School-wide components are:

*  Comprehensive Needs Assessment that identifies the school’s strengths and challenges in key areas that affect student achievement.

*  Identify reform strategies, aligned with the needs assessment, that are research-based and provide opportunities for all children to meets State’s proficient or advanced levels of academic achievement

*  Provide instruction by highly qualified teachers
*  Offer high-quality, on-going professional development
*  Create strategies to attract highly qualified teachers
*  Create strategies to increase parental involvement

*  Develop plans to assist preschool students through the transition from early childhood programs to local elementary school

*  Identify measures to include teachers in decisions regarding the use of academic assessments

*  Conduct activities to ensure that students who experience difficulty attaining proficiency receive effective, timely, additional assistance.

*  Coordinate and integrate Federal, State and local services and programs.
All parents/guardians of students attending our Title 1 Schoolwide District have the right to know about the teaching qualifications of their child's teachers. All teachers in our district are highly qualified as designated by the Ohio Department of Education. In addition, each teacher is licensed by the State of Ohio for the areas they are teaching. All of our paraprofessionals met a rigorous standard of quality and denonstrated through a formal State assessment their knowledge of and ability to assist in instruction in reading, writing and mathematics. The federal law, No Child Left Behind, requires school districts receiving Title 1 funds to inform parents of this right to inquire about the qualifications of their child's classroom teacher if the district has not provided that information.
Title 1 Teachers and Intervention Staff:

Greenfield Elementary:
Molly Stegbauer
Mindy Cobb
Kellie McGlone
Lisa Williams
Rhonda Simpson
Mandy Binegar
Jean Goddard
Bill Roller
Kara Roberts

Buckskin Elementary:
Julia Bateman
Jill Lee
Jean Goddard
Abby Burgess
Angela Holley
Rainsboro Elementary:
Mindy Fisher
Janet Gaddis
Lisa Winland
Jean Goddard

Greenfield Middle School
Leah Unger
Jamie Manikin