Kindergarten Registration. Drawings of children.


APRIL 8, 2022 - Kindergarten registration begins!

Please see our website and social media accounts for directions on how to register beginning April 8. You can also contact the school office where your child attends to be added to an email distribution list so that you will receive the directions via email on April 8.
*Parents and guardians of current GEVSD preschool students have already been added to the email distribution list.
**Children must turn five years old prior to August 1, 2022, in order to be eligible for kindergarten registration.

Kindergarten registration will consist of two parts:
1. The online portion that starts on April 8
2. Mandatory in-person testing and informational session for you and your child - please see the schedule for your child’s school below.

During the in-person session:
1. Computers will be available for those who haven’t completed the online portion.
2. Your child will complete a testing session.
3. The school nurse will go over your child’s immunization records.
4. Your child will have their picture taken.
5. You can receive assistance with uploading the required documents.
Required documents - birth certificate, parent’s driver’s license, proof of residency, immunization record, and custody papers if applicable

Greenfield Elementary
April 11, 2022

Buckskin Elementary
April 12, 2022

Rainsboro Elementary
April 13, 2022