Important Prom 2022 Information

Here is some information below so you are in the loop for this Saturday, May 7th. 

- Dance starts at 8pm and lasts till 11pm
- Grand March starts at 7pm
- Students may begin showing up in the old gym at 6:30 to check in and get in line for Grand March. 
- Below is a map of the Grand March for the normal outside route and an alternative route in case of rain. Red is the outside route. Green is the inside route. Outside route has sign ins in the old gym. Inside route has sign ins in the Middle School gym. Even with the alternative route, there will be a few moments where the students will have to walk through the courtyard. Plan on bringing an umbrella for that portion if needed! 
- We ask that all students and parents please snap pictures quickly along the route so we can keep it moving in a timely manner. 
- If the alternative route must be used because of rain, we will have the auditorium open for bystanders to view the March where students names will be announced as they walk on the stage. 
- We ask that everyone be safe and courteous as this will be a great night for all involved! 

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at the high school office at 937-981-7731.