July 10 Superintendent Update

Good evening,

Emails are continuing to go out through FinalForms so that you can complete your child’s paperwork electronically for the 2020-2021 school year.  Students in grades 6-12 must confirm paperwork in FinalForms via their student email.  Students’ gmail addresses are first name.last [email protected]   If your child does not remember the password, you will have to contact either the middle school or high school office to have it reset.    

Parents of incoming kindergarten students who did not attend preschool in our district and parents of new preschool student applicants will be receiving emails on Monday, July 13.  New preschool parents - It is important that you complete the preschool screening tool for income eligibility by July 17.  This form is required by the state and must be completed and uploaded to FinalForms prior to final approval for admittance into our preschool program.  You will have to complete all of the forms, but the preschool screening tool for income eligibility is a top priority.  The form is designed for you to complete it electronically, but you will have to then save and upload it to FinalForms.  If this is something that you are unable to do, paper copies of the form can be picked up at our board office at 200 N. Fifth Street.  You will be notified about your child’s preschool placement by mail no later than July 31.  

Due to ODE guidelines that are still in place, we have to reduce the number of preschool days for children because we are only able to have nine students in a class at a time.  In order to serve as many students as we can, students will begin the school year by either attending two half-day sessions on Monday and Tuesday or by attending two half day sessions on Thursday and Friday.  These guidelines are set to be reevaluated later in the fall, and we are hopeful that we will then be able to have all students attend four half-day sessions as we typically do.  We know that this may be an inconvenience, and we certainly are not happy about the decision, but we remain hopeful that the guidelines will change so that we can go back to our typical preschool schedule. 

Over the next week or so, we will be releasing information regarding our reopening plan.  By Friday, July 17, we will be releasing a general summary of our plan with key components for you to access.  You will be able to find the plan summary on our district website and Facebook page.  We value your feedback, and this will be a time when you can ask questions or express concerns.  Then, on July 20, our district task force that has been working diligently to prepare for the school year, will present the plan to the members of our Board of Education.  On July 21, we will share our final plan in its entirety.  In addition to sharing the plan, we will also release the application for our online learning option that will be available to parents or guardians who are interested.  Representatives from all five Highland County school districts, the Highland County Health Department, and other local organizations have collaborated to devise plans that meet the needs of our districts, while most importantly, keeping our students safe.  We are excited to be moving forward with our plan to have all students attending five days a week, while at the same time, having alternative plans in case the situation with Covid-19 would change in our immediate area.

We are excited to share that the McClain After-Prom Committee will be hosting a junior/senior prom.  It will be held on Saturday, July 25.  Location and times will be announced soon.  

Finally, during the week of July 13, construction work will be going on in the area surrounding the Imagination Kingdom playground.  If large equipment is present in the area and people are working, we ask that you not use the playground area.  The work should conclude by the end of the week.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help.  You may need to leave a message at this point in the summer, but your call will be returned.  Our school offices open officially on Monday, August 3.

Thank you.  Have a great weekend!

Quincey Gray, Superintendent