June 30 Superintendent Update

Good evening,

We are very excited to be utilizing FinalForms in our district this school year!  As a parent or guardian, you will have easy access to electronic versions of the forms that must be completed for students at the beginning of the school year. Once the forms are completed, they can easily be revised in following years. We will be learning right along with you, and we look forward to supporting you if you have any questions.

Parents/guardians of current students - Be on the lookout for an email over the next few days or so that will allow you to set up an account for your child. Once the account is established, you will have access to the forms that need to be completed for the 2020-2021 school year. If you HAVE NOT provided an email address to a staff member in one of our school offices, you will need to do so before you will have the opportunity to set up an account. If you HAVE provided an email address and don't receive information from FinalForms before Friday, July 10, please contact the school office where your child attends to ensure that we have the correct email address.

Parents/guardians of incoming preschool and kindergarten students - Information on FinalForms account registration will be forthcoming. Please know that we are awaiting additional guidelines on the number of preschool students that we will be able to enroll this school year before finalizing class lists.

Finally, it currently looks like we will be starting the school year on a regular schedule with all students coming five days a week.  We are working with our local health department and waiting on final guidelines before we release additional details to everyone.  We will be releasing our full plan in the next couple of weeks.  In addition to providing instruction to students on a regular schedule at our district campuses, we will also be providing a remote learning option in which students will be provided a chrome book to access online curriculum.  The work that the student completes will be online ONLY and will not involve face-to-face contact with a teacher.  Instead, a teacher will provide feedback and grade assignments electronically.  This option will be available for students in grades K-12.  Further details and information on how to register will be released in the next few weeks.  

Again, the next few weeks will bring quite a bit of information about the upcoming school year.  We will be sharing information via social media, our website, one call system, and via a Facebook Live session.  If you have questions or concerns about the information that is shared, please contact us.  Thank you and have a good evening.