Blended Schedule Request

As part of our Restart/Reset plan, our district would like to be prepared in the event we must move to a blended schedule this school year. At this time we are not intending to move to this model, nor do we foresee this in the near future. However, we would like to be prepared and would like to provide you the opportunity to prepare for this possibility. 

Our blended model will include in-person instruction 2 days per week, and virtual instruction 3 days per week. In-person instruction will consist of the teacher providing direct instruction with a reduced number of students in the classroom. By reducing the number of students in a classroom at one time, we will be able to provide maximum social distancing. Virtual instruction will consist of practice and review assignments on devices provided by the classroom teacher through Google Classroom.

You may submit your blended schedule preference for your student by completing the attached form. The options are: 

Choice 1 - Attend school in-person Monday and Tuesday, complete virtual instruction Wednesday - Friday

Choice 2 - Complete virtual instruction Monday - Wednesday, attend school in-person Thursday and Friday

The selection you make is a request. In the event too many students select the same schedule, we will determine students' final blended schedules on a first come, first served basis. You will be contacted with your student's schedule when it has been finalized. 

Once again, we are not planning to move to a blended schedule at this time. We simply want everyone to be prepared for the possibility. Requests must be entered on this form by Friday, October 2. 

Thank you for your support during this time. If you have any questions, please contact the building in which your student attends. 

Quincey Gray, Superintendent