Instructional Work Drop-Off

The drop-off schedule for students’ work will be May 4-May 7 from 3:00-7:00PM each day.  Drop-off will occur as a drive-thru method in which you will pull through the bus garage to provide us with the work.  Family members will not need to leave their vehicles.  We are designating days for drop-off by the first letter of the parent’s or guardian’s last name.  With multiple children in a family, and because sometimes with a blended family children may have different last names, this was the easiest way to try to make sure that parents and guardians only have to make one trip.  The schedule is as follows:

May 4 - A-E

May 5 - F-J

May 6 - K-P

May 7 - S-Z

Senior parents -  you will need to come to the bus garage on May 5 or 6 between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00.  During those days and hours, we will have a representative from Jostens present who will be able to handle your order without you leaving your vehicle.

We are flexible and understand that some of you might not be able to come on your scheduled evening.  That is okay!  Having a schedule will support us in maintaining control of traffic.  Also, it is okay to send your child’s work with someone else.  Please make sure though that the person knows your child’s first and last name, as well as, grade level.  Finally, when you come to the drop-off, you will be traveling down McClain Avenue from Sixth Street to enter the bus garage.  That section of street will be functioning as one-way during that time.