6th, 7th, and 8th grade students of the month

Congratulations to the 

Greenfield Middle School PAWS 

students of the month for February!! 

Students receive 10 tiger paws and the chance to give the morning announcements.

6th grade:

Lillie Hogle - Mrs. Mongold
Molly McCune - Miss Thieman    
 Max Arpan - Mrs. VanDyke
Shaylynn Fraley - Mrs. Johnson    
Isabella Carter - Mr. K Penwell    
Olivia O’Connor - Mrs. Milnes
Noah Switzer - Mr. Weaks    
Tanner Seitz - Ms. Lagorio

7th Grade:
Eathan Eakins - Ms. Joosse
Zoie Everhart - Mrs. Shrout    
 Dalton Newman - Mrs. Frazier
Kaleb Fryer - Mr. Pritchard    

Krissy Addis - Ms. Cokonougher    
Seairra Johnson - Mrs. Ater

8th Grade:
Stevie Ford - Mrs. Dyer    
Matthew Jargielo - Mr. J Penwell    
 Max Colburn - Mrs. Santor
Damian Clarkson - Mrs. Harper    
 Harmony Peyatt - Mrs. Molloy    
Jacob Jordan - Mrs. Gall
Blake Shrout - Ms. Kline    
Jesse Vanhoose - Mrs. Raike