6th, 7th, and 8th grade students of the month

Congratulations to the 

Greenfield Middle School PAWS 

students of the month for March!! 

Students receive 10 tiger paws and the chance to give the morning announcements.

6th Grade:

Ana-Kate Lugo - Mrs. Mongold    

Alli Burgess - Miss Thieman

Peyton Alexander - Mrs. Johnson

Emma Hoffer - Mrs. Van Dyke    

Muranda Pagi Holt - Mr. Penwell 

Autumn Stevens - Mrs. Milnes

7th Grade:  (not pictured: Landon Beatty - Mr. Frazier)
Alicia Watkins - Miss Joosse 

 KC Foster - Ms. Collier    

 Leah Lovett - Mrs. Shrout

Bailey Parson - Mr. Pritchard    

Addison Stark - Miss Cokonougher

Lydia Beatty - Ms. Kline    

Lexi Cseh - Mrs. Ater

8th Grade:

Amari Rhinehart - Mr. Penwell

Abbigail Couch - Mrs. Dyer  

 Brenna Wright - Mrs. Santor

Mia Seitz - Mrs. Molloy    

Isabella Shepard -Mrs. Gall

 Eli Dennen - Mrs. Unger