Special Programs

Welcome to Special Programs!

The Special Programs Office of the Greenfield Exempted School District directs and supports the development, implementation, and operation of Pre K–12 educational programs and services that meet the unique needs of students with disabilities. The office provides instructional leadership and compliance for, and coordination of, Section 504, early childhood, elementary, secondary, and transition programs and services. Our goal is excellence and equity for all of our students through our focus on:

•    Student achievement

•    Program efficiency

•    District compliance

Our staff is committed and ready to serve our students and their families in the areas of:

•    Academic interventions

•    Special education

•    Early childhood education

•    Related services such as speech and language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, transportation of special needs students, and educational psychological services.  Support is also available through our school counselors, nurses, social services, home instruction, home schooling and alternative educational opportunities.

Heather L Dratwa

Director of Special Programs

Contact Us

Heather Dratwa, Special Programs Director
Martin Dobson, School Psychologist 
200 North Fifth Street
Greenfield, Ohio 45123
Fax:  (937) 981-5354 
Amy Cockerill, Case Manager 
Rebecca Crabtree, Secretary 
Mandy Wareikis, Secretary